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Premium Electromechanical Contracting Company Is one of the leading companies in electromechanical field in Arab Republic of Egypt with unique packages to offer for the market, which Keeps it always on the top of its competitors and guarantees the optimum Customer satisfaction.

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The design is one of the main pillars on which the company is based, The design work is based on the management of the technical office, which is an integrated team led by the director of the technical office, which leads two technical teams, one of which takes over the design of electrical works and the other takes over the design of mechanical works, The design is carried out in accordance with international, regional and local codes using approved design programs, calculations and drawings

The installation department is the largest department in the company in terms of the number of the department’s employees, which is led by the installation manager, who heads the various installation departments, the mechanical installation department and the electrical installation department. Each of the two departments includes a group of highly qualified , skilled engineers and workers, who have implemented the major projects takes over by the company

The Maintenance Department is one of the important departments in the company. It is the expert tool that maintains the performance of the various systems that the company has implemented throughout the business warranty period. It also has the ability to carry out maintenance of various systems and maintain their performance, which other companies have implemented and Premium has won annual maintenance contracts for it The maintenance department consists of the director of the department, who leads a distinguished technical staff with high training and quick response

1- Fire alarm system:-

  •  Local suppliers
  •  PLC (Main Fire Control Panel)
  •  Explosion proof Junction boxes
  •  Armored Corrugated Steel Tap Cables (LOSH)
  •  Explosion proof cable gland
  •  Direct import from our suppliers
  •  Explosion proof input devices: – flame detector – gas detector – smoke detectors – heat detectors (fixed heat detectors – linear heat detectors) – manual call point (alarm – release – abort)
  •  Explosion proof output devices:  bells – sirens – sirens / flashes
  •  Monitoring devices (pressure switch – pressure gauge – tamper switch)

Our company is one of the leading companies in the field of oil and gas, and one of the most important departments of the company is that department responsible for supplies, whether through direct import from our suppliers abroad or supply through our local suppliers. Below is a list of the products that our company provide

2 – Firefighting system:-

  •  Direct import from our suppliers
  •  Foam systems – cooling systems
  •  Foam pump skid
  •  Foam bladder tank
  •  Foam proportioning
  •  Foam maker (* Foam pourer -* Foam chamber)
  •  Foam nozzle – cooling nozzle
  •  Foam concentrate
  •  Deluge valve
  •  Valves (OS&Y valve – check valves – Y strainer – ball valves)

Suppression systems

  • Clean agent systems (FM200 – NOVEC 1230)
  •  CO2 systems