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Premium Electromechanical Contracting Company Is one of the leading companies in electromechanical field in Arab Republic of Egypt with unique packages to offer for the market, which Keeps it always on the top of its competitors and guarantees the optimum Customer satisfaction.

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Addressable System

Addressable System​

Addressable Fire Alarm System  is one in which all fire and smoke detection devices in a system are connected and communicate both with each other and a central control monitoring location. This inter connectivity allows the control personnel to identify the location or “address” where the initial detection occurred. The information directs the emergency response team to pinpoint their efforts immediately to the precise location of the developing problem. Addressable Fire Alarm System offers several advantages that are not possible with traditional independent fire alarms. Some of the benefits of an addressable system are Accurate identification of where the problem started and where it may be spreading Specific actions can be programmed such as delaying evacuations from areas not immediately threatened, thereby reducing bottlenecks of evacuating occupants Reduces potential for false alarms Each element of the system can be monitored routinely for operational health .