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PLC System


PLC system ​Fire detectors are designed to detect fire, smoke, heat, and flame . Fire detection and alarm system is a key element for people to survive. … PLC can perform the same function as fire alarm control. PLC is a programmable device which the user can change only the program instead of rewiring the whole system . It needs only less effort to change the program than to change the whole wiring system. When using PLC, the operator can put an address indicating the function of the different device for what is it intended. The PLC-Base Fire Alarm system will
automatically detect smoke, and fire that pass by various sensing devices. A sensor employs one or more transducers to detect and measures phenomena such as temperature,humidity, barometric, pressure, texture, proximity and the presence of certain substances .Sensor reacts to change in physical conditions by altering their electrical properties. Thus, most artificial sensor relies on the electronic system to capture, analyze and relay information about the environment This electronic system relies on the same principle as electrical circuits work.The sensor device is used by human to improve the technology and becomes more useful to everyone which is less effort but more function that being done . Moreover, the main objective of the researcher was to assess the performance and the acceptability level of the Fire Alarm System using plc system